X-Ray Products

X-Ray Products

X-Ray Products

Solutek’s original products in 1961 were Developers and Fixers for manual processing of Medical X-ray films.  Shortly thereafter, automatic processing was born.  Solutek created specially-formulated solutions for use in these new automatic roller processors. These products are widely used today.

Solutek’s next X-ray products were Dental X-ray Developers and Fixers.  Although Dental X-ray films are similar to their medical cousins, they are sufficiently different that special formulations and packaging are required for this market.  Solutek rose to the challenge and produced them a large selection of products for manual and automatic processing of Dental X-ray films. Solutek currently manufactures a full line of Dental X-ray processing solutions.

To complete its family of X-ray Products, Solutek added a line of chemical solutions to process Industrial X-ray films that are widely used in Non-Destructive Testing.  After testing and approval by a leading jet engine manufacturer, Solutek’s Industrial X-ray solutions were offered to the market.  They are widely accepted today by the NDT industry.

Please note: 

We do not sell our Dental X-Ray or Medical X-Ray Products online. However, our Industrial X-Ray products are available to order online.

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