Solutek Corporation

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Solutek Corporation

Welcome to Solutek Corporation

Solutek formulates and manufactures imaging chemicals which are used in the printing, x-ray, and microfilm industries.

Our broad range of chemical products are marketed under the Solutek label either as off-the shelf items or as custom-formulated solutions for specific applications. We also produce and package private-label chemicals on a large scale and we supply these stock or custom formulations to major companies in the X-ray, microfilm , and graphic arts industries.

An aggressive research and development policy, coupled with our modern manufacturing methods, means we can deliver products which will meet the most exacting individual customer specifications.

There is no substitute for quality in this demanding business and it is one of our chief concerns. Our consistent standards of high quality are documented and have been a major factor in establishing Solutek as the leading name in specialized photographic chemicals.

All of our product lines are supported by a rigid quality control monitoring program, which has given our customers the dependability they seek. This attention to quality assurance has been instrumental in establishing our reputation and helping us achieve our leadership position.